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The Ultimate Wool Hat Guide For a Cozy Winter

We don’t step outside in the winter without a wool hat.

Truth be told, we don’t know how you could if you live anywhere north. It’s just not possible without feeling like you’re freezing over.

With that said, we are pretty picky about our wool hats. As for makeup wearers and cold-ear-prone people, picking the right wool hat is harder than it might seem.

But fear not! We dedicate this post to those on the hunt for the ultimate cozy wool hat. We’ve got your back – and your head.

Also, for the sake of the season, we’re focusing on wool hat beanies for this post. Yes, we know that there are plenty of other types of wool hats including fedoras and baseball caps!

Commonly Asked Wool Hat Questions

Cozy wool hat

Are wool hats waterproof?

Luckily, wool can hold up well in the rain or snow. Just make sure to take proper care of your hat once you get home (hang to dry!)

Do wool hats cause hair loss?

Wool hats, like any other hats, can cause breakage over time. Especially if they’re incredibly tight (luckily, though, wool hats are looser than baseball caps.) Prevent breakage by making sure you’re not cutting off any circulation to your head. Be honest with yourself – you know when a hat is too tight!

Another is to make sure that you’re only wearing your hat when you’re outside. We get it, you want to look cute indoors, or maybe you didn’t wash your hair that day. But your hair will thank you in the long run if you take your hat off after you come inside. Let it breathe.

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How do you clean a wool hat?

Have you ever washed wool before and accidentally popped it in the dryer? Those who know had to learn the hard way – this is the worst possible way to launder your wool items!

According to the Tenth Street Hats blog, using a little bit of Woolite if you’re going to machine wash is your best bet.

Hand washing is always a nice idea, too, as long as you don’t pop that sucker in the dryer.

Do wool hats shrink?

Not to sound like a broken record, but yes. Yes. They do. Banish the dryer.

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What color wool hat should I buy?

Naturally, we tend to stick toward darker neutrals in the wintertime.

This is for a couple of reasons:

  • We wear bronzer because we look like we’re dead in the wintertime (true story) so we like to find colors that disguise any bronzer that may wipe off on the inside. This means no white hats for us
  • Most frequently, you’re probably wearing a neutral-colored coat in the wintertime. Don’t get us wrong, we love louder prints and colors, but we also opt for an everyday wearable coat. If this is also you (hello) then you may benefit from selecting a neutral hat color
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Can I wear a wool hat on top of wet hair?

Remember when your mom told you not to do this? Yeah, we’re still team mom.

At this point in your adult life, don’t put a hat on wet hair mostly because it’ll ruin a perfectly clean head of hair! And you won’t be able to style properly. Trust us on this one.

The Best Wool Hat Picks

North Face Wool Hat

The North Face Jim Beanie

Why we love it: This hat has the best of both worlds – it’s wool, and then fleece-lined on the inside for ultimate coziness. We also appreciate that it comes in darker neutrals and it’s unisex.

Herschel men's beanie

Herschel Elmer Print Beanie

Why we love it: Sure, technically this is a man’s beanie. But do we really care? We are major suckers for the white font on the hat and think this olive color is the absolute perfect complement to a black winter jacket.

Topshop Faux Fur Beanie

Why we love it: We’re never going to complain about a pop of pink. One reason why we really love this hat is that it’s made of faux fur. We strive to use faux products whenever we can! Also the hat is a bit slouchy instead of sticking straight up (which would be awkward.)

Polo wool blend expedition hat

Polo Wool Expedition Hat

Why we love it: Oh, who doesn’t love a wool patch that is a throwback to older styles? And yes, what’s old is new again. Polo has made a beautiful grey beanie that goes with almost literally anything. We’re obsessed.

Pizza Rat Beanie

Why we love it: OK Rag & Bone, you’re a little late. This video went viral years ago. But you know what? We’re not complaining. We support a beanie that’s an ode to pizza rat. It was an epic moment in history. Well done.

Final Takeaway: Wool Hats for Winter

We hope our picks gave you a little mix of everything.

Whether you’re looking for more of a statement, something more classic, or something cute and fun, needless to say, there’s a wool hat on the market that will suit your tastes. We’re just in love with our picks!

Looking to get cozy in other ways this winter? We’re pretty big fans of matching pajamas, too.

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