Peanuts at Nordstrom Holiday 2019

The 10 Best Peanuts Christmas Gifts at Nordstrom for Winter 2019

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This is us right now knowing that Nordstrom just dropped their Peanuts Christmas collection (which, by the way – we didn’t even know was happening.)

Specifically, this is us:

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

OK OK. Time to be serious.

We are so completely blown away by the new Peanuts Christmas collection that we had to write a post about it.

This post wasn’t even meant to happen, but we couldn’t control ourselves – who doesn’t love A Charlie Brown Christmas? Who doesn’t love Snoopy? Who doesn’t listen to Vince Guaraldi Trio? We digress.

Of course, Nordstrom drops this right before Black Friday on their website. We couldn’t resist picking out a few of our absolute favorite items from this new collection.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Not to mention, this collection is part of Nordstrom’s Pop-In Series. According to Nordstrom’s website: “Pop-In is an ongoing series of pop-up shops curated by Olivia Kim. Each month we present new and exclusive products, designers, and content built around a different theme or collaboration.”

It says that the Peanuts collection is available until January 5th, 2020, however we’d imagine since these are exclusive items – they’re going to go fast! The Pop-in stores are listed here, but you can also order online (thank god.)

Let us know if you’re planning on purchasing any in the comments down below!

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StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #1: Champion x Peanuts Dancing Snoopy Sweatershirt

Why we love it: it’s a crewneck with long sleeves, and a bright pop of color for the holidays. What’s not to love? Plus, it’s a Champion collab. Come on.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #2: Co. x Peanuts Winter Tea Gift Set

Why we love it: The perfect treat for a friend or family member who just wants to spend time getting cozy while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. Done!

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #3: Lorien Stern x Peanuts Snoopy Socks

Why we love it: Super cute cozy socks that provide a bright pop of color during an otherwise dreary season. Say yes to yellow in December! We are (+ Snoopy in sunglasses)

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #4: Oh, Scent! x Peanuts Perfume Book

Why we love it: Scent is so powerful and nostalgic. We love intertwining fun memories with beautiful scents, and this book is no different. A perfectly sentimental gift for a friend, or perfect for a stocking stuffer.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #5: Peanuts Snoopy Smile Cashmere Sweater

Why we love it: Snoopy’s been upgraded to some real elegance. The rainbow edged sleeves and uplifting “Smile” message not only make this sweater perfect for the season, but will also guarantee smiles from passer-bys.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #6: Snoopy Skating Dog Sweater

Why we love it: Now your favorite pup can wear his or her favorite pup. We love this snuggly little sweater for our furry friends. The burgundy color makes it a gorgeous seasonal addition to your pup’s wardrobe.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #7: Verloop x Peanuts Reversible Beanie and Gloves Set

Why we love it: Yes, they have kids apparel too. We die. Not only can you get this adorable beanie and hat, but they come in three different colors. We wish they came in adult sizes but at this rate…we might be going overboard with the Peanuts merch.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #8: The Casery x Peanuts Dance Party iPhone Case

Why we love it: The fondest memories of Peanuts have always been from the dance parties. This phone case features the very best characters from the show in all of their boppin’ blockheaded glory.

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #9: Art You Grew Up With x Snoopy Duffle Limited Edition Print

Why we love it: When they say limited edition – they mean it. At the moment we were peeking at this print, so were 500 other people (damn you Nordstrom.) We had to snag one of these adorable prints. Plus, they come with a Certificate of Authenticity. How cool is that?

StyleOtter | Peanuts Christmas

Peanuts Christmas Pick #10: Julie Mollo x Peanuts Woodstock Mini Bag

Why we love it: If you thought we could’ve finished this post without a Woodstock dedicated item, you’re sorely mistaken. This adorable little coin purse is the perfect grab-and-go accompaniment to holiday errands.

Verdict: We love the Peanuts collection at Nordstrom. Run, don’t walk, to get your items though – many are already sold out!

And hey, if the Peanuts aren’t your style, it’s all good. Check out our post about holiday dresses to find a festive dress for the season under $100.

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