Light up christmas sweater

Win Worst Dressed – Ugly Light Up Christmas Sweaters Are Here

Light up Christmas sweater
light up Christmas sweater blingin’

Yeah, we know – we’ve been coming out with all of these cute-sy holiday posts about holiday dresses, the Peanuts collection at Nordstrom (still loving it), blah blah blah.

We’ve been through the good, but what about the bad (and the ugly?)

Enter a show-stopping light up Christmas sweater.

If you really want to make the holidays bright, then having lights on your holiday garb will surely turn heads. Maybe make a few people turn their heads back in disgust. We haven’t tested it yet, but we’re game for trying it out.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find both the cutest and ugliest light up Christmas sweaters. Take your pick.

BTW – we’ve organized this post by women’s, men’s, and kids’. Spoiler alert – the women’s and men’s are interchangeable, but check the sizing before you purchase just to make sure.

Women’s Sweaters

Light up christmas sweater

Get Lit Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Candy cane sleeves make this a flattering yet bright choice (we love a little nautical flair on a Christmas sweater) it’s battery operated and comes with batteries, so you don’t even have to worry about heading to the drugstore. Who will be brighter – you, or the Christmas tree? TBD.

Light up Christmas sweater

Flashing Light Up Christmas Sweater

Maybe you want to be – oh, we don’t know – a little friendlier this holiday season than telling someone to “Get Lit”? Fair. We like this more understated Christmas sweater that has a very pleasant message on the front. The only thing more pleasant is the price – $20!

Light up Christmas sweater

One of the Ugliest Sweaters We’ve Seen

Let’s say there’s a competition. You don’t want to lose, right? So what do you do? You commit to the ugliest Christmas sweater you can possibly find, ensuring that you have 0% chance of being ignored. Mmmhmmm, right. This is that sweater.

Light up Christmas sweater

Cat Lovers Light Up Christmas Sweater

A more innocent, less abrasive sweater out there for all of the cat lovers. Reviews say the lights on this sweater are a bit more muted, which we don’t mind. Perfect for a cozy party or just lounging on the couch – with your cat. Obviously.

Men’s Sweaters

Light up Christmas Sweater

Yeti to Party Light Up Christmas Sweater

OK, we’re now going to spend the rest of the holiday season walking into rooms with people yelling “Who’s YETI TO PARTY?” until it becomes nauseating. We love the yeti’s (Yeti’s?) happy expression and how the lights twinkle (click the link to see it in action.) Yes. We’re Yeti. To party.

Light up Christmas sweater

A Christmas Story Light Up Sweater

Ah, yes, a classic light up Christmas sweater. For those who desire to be a bit more understated this Christmas (and we say a bit, we literally mean like, 5% more) this Christmas sweater will surely get recognized at any party with a “Hey, I love that movie!” Winner.

Light up Christmas Sweater

Cow Light Up Holiday Sweater

Finally, a light up Christmas sweater that is office appropriate, grandma approved, and kid friendly. This cow sweater gets rave reviews and we’re pretty pleased with the price point for our wallets – $22 is a steal for a cute holiday sweater like this one.

Kids’ Sweaters

Light up Christmas Sweater

Kids’ Ugly Christmas Sweater

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include something fun for the kids in the family. We love the variety of these light up Christmas sweaters, and how bright they are for being so tiny! If you want to go matching with your kids this holiday season, or grab something your niece or nephew will love – we vote these!

Final Takeaway: Light Up Christmas Sweaters

Whether you want to have a little fun at a friend’s party, or you need something cute yet office-appropriate – a light up Christmas sweater is the perfect accompaniment for your holiday festivities.

Looking for something a bit more dressed up? Then don’t miss our holiday dresses under $100.

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