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Frugal Male Fashion – One Week of Stylish Outfits Under $100

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StyleOtter | Frugal Male Fashion

Frugal male fashion isn’t easy to come by. In fact, it’s become harder to find outfits that not only fit well but are also within a reasonable price range.

Maybe sometimes, it’s OK not to blow your entire paycheck on a Gucci t-shirt.

We’re not the only ones who feel that way…right?

So, what if we told you that there was a way to craft a wardrobe on the cheap that looked stellar and didn’t set you back a pretty penny?

What if we helped identify those items for you? After all, that’s what we’re here for…

With a budget of $100 we can’t experiment too much with different styles, but we did conduct some research on some minimalist outfit items that you can purchase to create a week’s worth of looks in under $100 (keep in mind we did not calculate tax as part of these purchases.)

But still – $100! We think these suggestions are total steals. And if that wasn’t enough, the product reviews speak for themselves (AKA, we picked some kickass, well-loved items.)

If you don’t want to limit yourself to $100 and still need help with your style (hey, we completely understand) check out our post on 11 must-have basics for men so you can build your wardrobe with the right necessities.

The Essentials

Frugal Male Fashion: The Shirts

Shirts are the foundational piece to any outfit and are the easiest way to change up outfits day-to-day.

To prevent limiting your wardrobe with bold colors or prints (that might be more loud and less minimal), we recommend sticking with neutral colors like deep reds and navys, blacks, whites, and true neutrals like oatmeal so that your wardrobe feels everyday wearable.

You want to be able to mix and match throughout the week.

Here are a few picks we found and love.

StyleOtter | Frugal Male FashionStyleOtter | Frugal Male FashionStyleOtter | Frugal Male Fashion
Short sleeve t-shirt, $7.90Henley, $9.97Basic black tee, $4.81

Shirt total: $22.68

Frugal Male Fashion: The Layers

Not only is it important to have shirts that are minimal and thus, more versatile – we’re also equally big proponents of having the right layers.

Layers elevate any outfit. These could be a cool and casual hoodie, or a laid back jacket to toss on after a workday.

We’re keeping this part simple! And we love the choices we’ve found. Keep in mind the hoodie comes in different colors if you’d like to experiment with something other than black.

StyleOtter | Frugal Male FashionStyleOtter | Frugal Male Fashion
EcoSmart fleece hoodie, $11.00Coaches Jacket, $12.00

Want to switch it up with a brighter color? We’re digging the vintage windbreaker vibes, too. Hop on over to that post for more colorful layers recommendations.

Layers total: $23.00

All in: $45.68

Frugal Male Fashion: The Bottoms

Obviously, we can’t have tops and layers without bottoms.

Although with that said, we are minimalists when it comes to pulling together a wardrobe on a budget – especially when it comes to bottoms.

So we’ve decided to keep these pretty straight forward and straight cut (see what we did there.)

Straight leg jean, $13.78Straight rigid jean, $10.00

Side note – we like switching things up with a darker khaki (left) that is versatile and will go so well with the darker shirts and layers.

For the lighter items like the oatmeal top, the dark wash jeans will go with everything.

Bottoms total: $23.78

Total so far: $69.46

Frugal Male Fashion: The Shoes

Naturally, shoes are NOT easy to find on a budget. Yet we were able to pull off one iconic pair we think have a nice little spot in this wardrobe.

StyleOtter | Frugal Male Fashion

Sneakers in White Canvas, $19.00

A simple white pair of sneakers. The friendly price point is appealing, as well as the fact that these kicks will go with every single outfit you pull together.

Total so far: $88.46

Frugal Male Fashion: Belt Finale

Just when you thought we were done…

We feel like we’re millionaires. We still have $11.54 to spend!

Although we’re not going to spend it frivolously. After all, this is a post about frugal male fashion.

Instead, we wanted to find something that would bring this look together. And naturally, that had to be…

Skinny stitched belt, $9.99

The perfect belt to complete your look. Boom. Mic. Dropped.

TOTAL spent: $98.45

Final Takeaway: Building a Week’s Wardrobe Under $100

The most exciting part of this post for us is knowing that with a little determination, it’s possible to pull together a few kickass outfits in under $100.

What’s a budget-friendly outfit you have in your closet? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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