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90s Vintage Windbreaker Jackets We Love

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Loving the throwback look of vintage windbreakers?

So are we. In fact, it feels like we’ve been thrown back into the 90s. And we’re not complaining.

We love the cool vibes, bright colors, different shapes, and oversized look of vintage windbreakers.

Vintage windbreakers can also be an awesome buy from thrift stores – however, unfortunately, they’re gone as quickly as they’re placed on the rack.

That’s why today, we’re selecting our top vintage windbreaker picks that you can buy right now online.

Take a look and get ready to head back into the 90s. Or 80s!

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Men’s Vintage Windbreaker Options

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Men’s Nike Vintage Windbreaker Picks

The WindRunner

Why we love it: Any vintage windbreaker needs to have a bright pop of color and a looser feel. But we love this windbreaker for the extra neck collar – true wind protection while making a fashion statement!

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Eye See You

Why we love it: A cool design you won’t see anywhere else. The polka dots and set of eyes on the back make this windbreaker a true fashion statement.

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

More Understated

Why we love it: If you’re looking for the windbreaker style without going overboard on crazy colors, this windbreaker is a great option.

Men’s Adidas Vintage Windbreaker Picks

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreakers

80s Color Pop

Why we love it: Looking to head back to the 80s head on? Then check out this teal and purple combo windbreaker. We’re loving the emblem, too.

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Tiger Striped

Why we love it: This jacket is inspired by the ’96 summer games. We’re digging the different color combos and thick and thin stripes throughout.

Other Cool Men’s Vintage Windbreaker Finds

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Nerdy Spongebob

Why we love it: Yes, we know you came to this post for vintage windbreaker finds. We don’t want to let you down. But we just also couldn’t resist including this Spongebob look. Sorry.

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Puma x MTV

Why we love it: Puma and MTV vibes. If this isn’t a windbreaker that pays homage to the 80’s and 90’s, we don’t know what is. And do you see that purple to aquamarine fade on the front?

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

So Nautical

Why we love it: If the bright and punchy colors aren’t your thing, then you’ll love this more minimalist vintage windbreaker with a nautical look and feel.

Women’s Vintage Windbreakers

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Women’s Nike Vintage Windbreaker Picks

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker


Why we love it: Bright, bold, and completely colorblocked. If going loud is your type of look, then this windbreaker will be the absolute perfect addition to your wardrobe.

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Fun and Girly-er

Why we love it: We love the purple and pink combo for a more understated, easygoing windbreaker.

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Simple Black and White

Why we love it: For an even MORE simple look (and sherpa fabric – which we absolutely love) we recommend this easy black and white windbreaker, a perfect transitional piece for different seasons.

Women’s Adidas Vintage Windbreaker Picks

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Catch Me If You Can

Why we love it: Maybe camo isn’t necessarily considered a 90s print, but we still love the look and feel of this windbreaker. The drawstrings, as well as the cropped fit, make this windbreaker a unique pick,

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

On Track Track Jacket

Why we love it: From the big pockets in the front to the neutral color combos, we are big fans of this 90s track jacket. The perfect addition for layering.

Other Cool Women’s Vintage Windbreaker Jackets

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Color Options Galore

Why we love it: If you’re looking for simple and oversized with a bunch of different color options, this windbreaker should be your go-to. Not to mention, this is unisex, oversized, and fleece lined!

StyleOtter | Vintage Windbreaker

Pure Retro

Why we love it: Looking for the vintage or retro vibe, without the oversized look? Look no further. This drawstring helps keep this windbreaker fitted, so you don’t have to worry about your style being too baggy.

Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite vintage windbreaker styles?

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