Meet the StyleOtter Team

Meet The Team

StyleOtter Mission

StyleOtter in Chicago, Illinois

From the get-go, our mission at StyleOtter has always been focused on accessible fashion and style.

Upon perusing online style magazines, there never seemed to be an online resource catered to normal people who want to look great in their clothing.

Instead, everything always seemed confusing. Like why do I care about wearing dad hats? Why are spandex shorts trending? Should I even be WEARING spandex shorts?

StyleOtter wants to help its readers build a wardrobe that’s simple, classic, and timeless. That means throughout the years, no matter what trends take shape, our readers have clothes that they feel proud of and confident in.

My Story – Samantha Jean

Founder of StyleOtter

(hey, that’s me, Sam! Sporting the go-to moto jacket that I wear almost every day…wish I was kidding)

My personal style has always been an evolution. 

Growing up, if you had asked me to define my look, I would’ve said: “check out what everybody else is wearing, and that’s probably what I’m wearing, too.” I wasn’t defining the trends as much as I was following them. 

In college, my personal style began to take shape, as I gravitated toward clothes that just made me feel good. It seemed as if my personal style just naturally unraveled after that.

Finding cheaper alternatives to what I saw in the magazines was a thrill. With a little bit of persistence, I found and purchased secondhand designer silk blouses on eBay, my first pair of rainboots that lasted me 7 years, and a black Free People ruched skirt that is still one of the most flattering pieces of clothing I own today (close friends know what I’m talking about!) 

My personal style is sacred to me. I’m flattered when a friend says “that looks like you.” I love being able to embrace what feels good to me, and finding clothes that suit my body type as well as my lifestyle.

When you feel good, you look good. I hope StyleOtter can help everybody feel this way. 

The Assistant

StyleOtter personal assistant

This is Doctor, a rescue dog from Alabama who also helps out with StyleOtter in his free time.

When he’s not helping out with StyleOtter, he’s sleeping or smiling.

OK, to be honest, he’s not much of a help. But he is cute.

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