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5 Gorgeous Boho Dresses We Need in Our Closet

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Boho Dress

Boho dresses are here to stay.

Who else is loving the free-spirited, colorful, flowy, romantic style of boho (i.e. bohemian) fashion?

Let’s just say, the StyleOtter crew is here for it.

What seemed like a trend at first has now superseded clothing for style seekers everywhere.

From boho-inspired dresses to bags to cribs and even bedding, boho has become more of a way of life than simply just a fashion choice.

Let’s dig into boho style a bit more, including its history and how it came to be so popular today.

We’ll also walk through some style recommendations so you can get to working a boho look, stat.

To cut to the chase and scope out our three favorite looks, check out the table of contents.

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Otherwise, put on your history flower crowns for a brief boho lesson.

Origins of Bohemian Fashion

Did you know that Bohemians first appeared as a counterculture after the French Revolution?

The Bohemian “style” emerged when artists were forced into a more nomadic lifestyle after the Revolution, and wealthy clients no longer had their pockets lined with enough cash to support their extravagant lifestyles employing artists.

Contrary to popular belief, Bohemian style became associated with wandering gypsies and Bohemia in Central Europe, although this location wasn’t necessarily the origin of boho culture and dress.

Around the 1830s came the rise of stories around Bohemian culture in relation to poverty, which inspired the now-famous opera La Boheme.

This is also when Bohemian style began to emerge as more of an individualized style statement, with followers embracing their ability to curate their own outfits and accessories.      

Bohemian Fashion Today

Boho Dress

Moving into the 20th century, Bohemian fashion continued to become a way for people to remove themselves from the “trends” and create their own look. 

In the early 1960s, New York City’s Greenwich Village became a stomping ground for Bohemians, especially women who valued feminism and “free love ideals”. Known as “beatniks”, this community bonded over a shared feeling of “not belonging where you came from”. 

Artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane also embraced this new age Bohemian vibe, which soon translated into “flower power” psychedelia and was often considered to be similar to Bohemian fashion. 

Since the 1960s, boho style (often also called “boho chic”) has evolved to create its own look and feel.  In the early 2000s, celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Zooey Deschanel, and the Olsen twins sported a variety of different boho chic looks and began to set the tone for the new boho look in the 21st century. 

And today, one fashion icon sets herself apart from the rest for emulating modern boho style: Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. 

Celebrities Who Rock the Bohemian Look

Florence Welch

Florence Welch is the definitive Bohemian style icon of our generation.  Let’s be clear here. We’re not calling her a Bohemian fashion icon (even though she is.)

This style of clothing is what you’ll always find Florence Welch wearing. Bohemian style is more synonymous with who she is than something she’s sporting as a passing trend. 

Get a similar look to this dress:

boho dressBoho DressBoho dressBoho dress Boho Dress

Stevie Nicks

We’d be remiss not to include Ms. Nicks as part of this list. “I’ll never be in style, but I’ll always be different.” Uhhh, can we be her?

Talk about a true Bohemian mindset and the ultimate Gypsy Woman. 

Today, you’re most likely to see Stevie Nicks rocking beautiful, cascading black dresses – a departure from what people might consider being part of the Bohemian “trend” (floral and colorful).  We love that Stevie Nicks is truly different and embraces her own twist.

Get a similar look:    

Stevie Nicks Boho DressStevie Nicks Boho Inspired DressStevie Nicks Boho Inspired DressFree People Boho DressASOS black boho dress

Kate Bosworth

Like everybody else who are up in the 90s/early 2000s, we’ve been crushing on Kate Bosworth since Blue Crush. It’s no surprise that we’re still obsessing over here style today.

While not as strictly Bohemian as some of our other celebs, Kate’s gram outfits still speak to how Bohemian style still influences and inspires her look.

Get a similar look:     

Short floral boho dressshort pink boho dressshort pink boho dress

Our 5 Favorite Boho Dresses (Right Now)

Yes the seasons and the stock changes, but we’re always game to find a beautiful boho dress that withstands different seasons and looks great no matter what.

If it’s the wintertime, don’t be afraid to pair these outfits with tights, boots, and a bucket bag. In the summer, a great simple flat sandal works perfectly well. 

Date Night Boho

Adrianna Papell Boho Inspired Cocktail Dress

Why we love it: Oftentimes, a boho dress is suited for daytime – but we love this dress for the exact opposite reason. The black lace cold shoulder is the perfect romantic touch.

Pair it with: Strappy nude sandals

StyleOtter | Boho Dresses

Classy Daytime Boho Dress

Rachel Pally Caftan Dress

Why we love it: Sure, black might seem like a dramatic touch for the daytime, but we love how flowy, easy, and breezy this boho dress is – perfect for a day out with girlfriends or running errands.

Pair it with: Bare feet!

Floral Daytime Boho Dress

Roxy Women’s Daytime Boho Maxi Wrap Dress

Why we love it: In reading the reviews for this dress, one woman had her bridesmaids buy this dress for her wedding. The result? Rave reviews. We love a maxi. We love a wrap dress. And we love prints – what’s to miss?

Pair it with: Platform strappy sandals

Short and Flirty Boho Dress

Betsey Johnson Paisley Printed Boho Dress

Why we love it: Short and sweet. We love the open and airy bell sleeves, and the flouncy, semi-ruffled bottom of the dress that’s great for a summertime brunch or beach pitstop.

Pair it with: Platform strappy sandals

The Boho Jumpsuit (Surprise!)

Women’s Fluttering Heart Jumpsuit

Why we love It: No surprise here, we are absolutely boho and jumpsuit obsessed. So why not get the best of both worlds and go for the ultimate floral boho jumpsuit? We love the wide legs and flowy arms.

Pair it with: Cute white sandals

Now it’s your turn – what boho dress styles are you loving lately?

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